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Reflections on Recent News: Shifts in Consciousness
Humanity Awareness Movement
Friday 22 December 2017

  From the 27th to the 30th of November, 2017, a group of 12 people from different parts of the world met near Oxford in the UK to discuss a fundmental question: What would a nation look l... Read More

The World Atlas of Consciousness
Friday 22 December 2017

Have you ever wondered, which are the most conscious nations on the planet (the nations that take best care of the full spectrum needs of their citizens); which are the nations that take the be... Read More

Canada: New Focus on Women and Girls.
Friday 22 December 2017

Although Canada ranks #8 in the world as far as consciousness is concerned (taking care of the full spectrum needs of its citizens), in 2017 it ranked number #32 in the world in terms of gender... Read More

Australia: Same-sex marriage passed into law
Friday 22 December 2017

Like Canada, Australia’s key issue is gender inequality. Australia ranks #41 in the world on this issue, even lower than Canada. Surprisingly, however, in this somewhat macho-focused A... Read More

Values are the energetic drivers of our aspirations and intentions. They are the source of all human motivations and decision-making.

There are three things that we value at all ages—survival, safety and security. They are so important to us that they are hardwired into our brains.

Click this link to take a Personal Values Assessment. It takes about 5 minutes. It is completely confidential, and you will get a written report in about 2-3 minutes.

Where are we as a human race in terms of our development? What do we value? What levels of consciousness do we mainly operate from?

Instinct-based, Subconscious belief-based, Conscious belief-based, Values-based, Intuition-based and Inspiration-based decision making.

Discovery & Incubation

This interactive map of the world compares the overall rankings and scores of the conscious of 145 nations. It also classifies nations according their dominant worldviews. Read more...

Discover the most conscious nations on the planet and the key issues preventing the evolution of consciousness in each nation and region. Read more...

A major new initiative of The Barrett Academy which is making the consciousness of tomorrow visible today. Read more...

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Richard Barrett
Richard Barrett is the Founder of the Barrett Values Centre (BVC) and the Founder and Director of the Academy for the Advancement of Human Values (The Barrett Academy). He is an internationally recognized thought leader in the evolution of values, culture and leadership in business and society.
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