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Written by: Richard Barrett on Friday, December 22, 2017

Richard Barrett

Richard Barrett is the Founder of the Barrett Values Centre (BVC) and the Founder and Director of the Academy for the Advancement of Human Values.

From the 27th to the 30th of November, 2017, a group of 12 people from different parts of the world met near Oxford in the UK to discuss a fundmental question: What would a nation look like if it were operating from the worldview of Humanity Awareness? In particular, what would governance, business, health and education look like in the worldview of Humanity Awareness.

Humanity Awareness is the first worldview that is truly systemic and integral in nature. It takes decision-making to a new level—it looks at the big picture considering the whole rather than the parts—it focuses on the needs of our global society. It represents a major shift in consciousness from “What in it for me?” to “What’s best for the common good?”

Unlike previous worldviews, the humanity worldview sees the “verticality” of societal development—understands the evolutionary perspective. People operating from previous worldviews are unable to step into the shoes of those operating from other worldviews: they look at the world through the myopic beliefs of their own worldview. They are unable to embrace the concept of cultural evolution because they live in societal flatland—they look out at the world and judge it from their worldview.

People operating from the worldview of Humanity Awareness see other worldviews not through the lens of competing beliefs structures but through the lens of competing value priorities. They see people, communities and nations at different stages of psychological development with different needs and therefore with different value priorities. The primary concern of people operating from the worldview of Humanity Awareness is the evolution of human consciousness.

Although there are growing number of people operating from Humanity Awareness, at the present moment there are no nations operating from this worldview. There are seven nations where the worldview of People Awareness is dominant, namely, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Iceland and New Zealand. And, there are nine nations where the worldview of World Awareness is dominant, namely, Canada, Australia, Luxembourg, Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom (UK) and Belgium.

You can find a summary of the results of the discussion in Oxford by clicking here.

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