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The focus of business in Humanity Awareness will be on creating the conditions that allow all peoples to thrive in healthy environments that support the ecology of the planet. To this end, all businesses will sign up to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. They will become servants to the development of a healthy human ecology.

Business will be organized around three core principles—social purpose, personal and professional development, and social and environmental accountability.

Social Purpose: Every industry will have a governing body driven by our universal human values with an overarching social purpose which to support the well-being of humanity and the planet. The governing body will provide an ethical framework from within which competition in the industry can be regulated similar to the way in which the Olympic Games are organized--cooperation and agreement at the global level on the framework within which competitions take place.

Personal and Professional Development: Every organization (for profit and not for profit) in addition to having a specific social purpose will have a deliberately developmental framework of education and training (personal (soft skills) and professional development (hard skills) for all employees. Employee personal development will be designed to support people in mastering the four adult stages of psychological development--individuating (releasing subconscious fears and limiting beliefs); self-actualizing (developing the individual’s gifts and talents so they can fully express who they are and find meaning and purpose in their life); integrating (connecting with others in unconditional loving relationships to make a difference); and serving (contributing to the well-being of humanity and the planet). Employee professional development will be designed to support people in mastering the skills that support them in mastering their unique gifts and talents in the career of their choosing. Business like every other sector of the economy will become a vehicle for aligning people’s work with the expression of their unique passion and creativity.

Social and Environmental Responsibility: Every organization will be responsible and accountable for its social and environmental impact—external costs which are now born by society, will be internalized. Businesses will recognize they are a wholly owned subsidiary of society, and society is a wholly owned subsidiary of the environment. If we lose our environment, our society will collapse, and our businesses will suffer. Businesses will also recognize that they are agents for peace—bringing stability through wealth creation and contributing to the support of the welfare state. To this end, organizations will select their leaders from those who have fully self-actualized—those who aspire to be the best for the world rather than the best in the world. Selfish behaviours that compromise the future of our global society will not be tolerated.

Book: The Values-Driven Organization: Cultural Health and Employee Well-Being as a Pathway to Sustainable Performance


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