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Every worldview has an overarching cosmology which underpins the decision-making making of the people who operate from that worldview. A cosmology explains our place in the universe: it describes the origin and structure of our material world, our relationship to other dimensions of existence, and most importantly, how we believe we should conduct ourselves in regard to aligning ourselves with whomever or whatever we consider to be the “divine” creator/provider.

The cosmologies associated with each worldview

Prior to the advent of Wealth Awareness, every cosmology sought to connect with the divine creator/provider in our outer world. In Wealth Awareness there is no divine creator/provider only Darwinian meaninglessness based on random mutations (science). Every cosmology after Wealth Awareness seeks to connect with the divine creator/provider in our inner world.

The first cosmology to focus on our inner world was Spiritual Awareness; it united people of different religions in a shared value system. The cosmology of Humanity Awareness—Soul Awareness—goes beyond spiritual awareness: it connects all human beings in an energetic framework of existence that unifies psychology, science and spirituality. Earth Awareness goes further; it connects us to the energy field of the Earth and all living creatures. Unity Awareness connects us with the universe.

Soul Awareness and Ego-Soul Dynamics

The basic premise of the cosmology of Humanity Awareness is that every person is a soul. You don’t have a soul, you are the soul. Your soul and the soul of every other human being is an individuated aspect of the universal energy field from which everything in our physical world arises. The soul has three basic desires: to fully express its gifts and talents, to connect with others to make a difference and to contribute to the wellbeing of humanity and the planet.

Because the soul identifies with your energy field and not with your physical body, your soul has no fears. Not only does the soul have no fears, it also has no needs. The reason it has no needs is that at the energetic level of its existence, it creates what it desires through its thoughts. The only thing preventing you from living in soul consciousness—fully expressing who you are, connecting with others, and contributing to the wellbeing of humanity—is the subconscious and conscious fears of your ego.

Your ego is a field of conscious awareness that identifies with your body. The soul created the ego for two reasons: a) to take care of the body—the vehicle of the soul, and b) act as a psychic buffer to protect the soul from the pain of separation it experiences by being in a material world.

Because the ego believes it lives in a material world, it thinks it can die. Because it thinks it can die, it thinks it has needs, and because it thinks it has needs, it develops fears about not being able to get its survival, safety and security needs met. We must let go of these fears if we wish to live in soul consciousness. The degree to which we can master or release the fears of the ego determines the level of our ego-soul alignment, which in turn determines the level of our mental and physical health—our sense of wellbeing. We are able to thrive only when we are able to live in alignment with the love-based energy of our soul.

Your ego is not who you are: It’s who you think you are. It’s the personality mask you wear to get your needs met in the physical, social and cultural framework of your existence. You must remove this mask if you want to live in Soul Awareness.

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