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Most education focuses on teaching skills—equipping students to meet the needs of the dominant worldview they are living in. In Wealth Awareness, education is focused on science. In People Awareness, education is focused on relationships. In Humanity Awareness our education system will be focused on the whole child. Every child will be recognized as an energetic soul who, like the rest of us, has come into the material dimension of existence to learn three things: express their gifts and talents, connect with others in unconditional empathic relationships and compassionately contribute to the well-being of humanity and the planet.

At the core of the school curriculum in Humanity Awareness will be values-based education. Values-based education has many benefits:

1. It gives children a way of making decisions about how to behave which aligns with our common humanity.

2. It gives children confidence and independence in the way they interact with others because they are able source their decision-making from their own truth.

3. It allows children to connect with their teachers and parents in a more open relationships by allowing them to create conversations that matter.

Other aspects of the school curricula will include teaching children how to practice mindfulness, how to meditate, how to express their feelings, how to access their gifts and talents, how to connect with others in unconditional loving relationships, and how to contribute to the well-being of humanity.

In Humanity Awareness, our education system would extend beyond our school years by supporting young adults in: a) becoming accountable and responsible for their lives—individuating, and b) finding and expressing their unique gifts and talents—self-actualizing. In short, our education system would be child-centred and holistic focusing on the embodiment of the child’s unique soul.

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