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In the worldview of State Awareness there is no democracy, there are only authoritarian regimes. Leaders cling to power and use their authority to corrupt the processes of governance. In the worldview of Nation Awareness, the democratic process is hi-jacked by powerful religious and establishment elites. In the worldview of Wealth Awareness, the democratic process is hijacked by wealthy elites and democracy becomes polarized into political parties—one party protecting the rich (the have’s) and one party protecting the poor (the have not’s). In the worldview of People Awareness, the two-party system is replaced by multi-party coalitions representing a broad spectrum of worldviews and needs. Inequality between the “haves” and “have nots” is reduced by the creation of a welfare state.

In the worldview of Humanity Awareness political parties as we know them will disappear. They will be replaced by a spectrum of elected delegates from different age groups, representing different stages of psychological development. People at each stage of development have different needs. Because they have different needs, they prioritize different values. The governance system in Humanity Awareness will reflect the different needs and values of all age groups.

In Humanity Awareness, every local constituency will choose five candidates--a candidate from an organization representing the needs of children and teenagers (the surviving, conforming and differentiating stages of development); a candidate representing  the needs of twenty- and thirty-year olds (the individuating stage of psychological development); a candidate representing the needs of forty-year olds (the self-actualizing stage of development); a candidate representing the needs of fifty year olds (the integrating stage of development); and a candidate representing the needs of the elderly—those over sixty-years old (the serving stage of psychological development). Every local community will choose (elect) a candidate from the delegates they have representing each age group to serve in the central government.

There will be three key metrics for Governance systems in humanity awareness—the level of trust in the nation; the extent to which the needs of each age group (stage of psychological development) are being met; and the level of compassion that people feel towards their fellow humans—the elimination of separation. The level of compassion will be measured against the feeling of belonging that people feel they have to humanity; the level of equality and respect that people demonstrate to similar and dissimilar others; and the level of action that is taken to reduce human suffering everywhere.

Communities and nations operating from Humanity Awareness will display high levels of stability and resilience.

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