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The concept of healthcare and disease prevention is a relatively recent phenomenon. It began in earnest during the worldview of Wealth Awareness and the cosmology of science.

In the worldviews of Clan and Tribe Awareness magic spells and charms are used for healing. In the worldview of State Awareness herbs and plants are used for healing. In the worldview of Nation Awareness sacrifice and prayers are used for healing. In the worldview of Wealth Awareness healing is based on science and experimentation: drugs are used healing. In People Awareness psychotherapeutic approaches along with complementary and alternative medicine are used for healing. These were among the first approaches to focus on the mind-body connection.

The focus on health prevention and the healing powers of the mind will expand in Humanity Awareness. This expansion will be driven by three factors: a deeper understanding of the psychological impact of ego-soul dynamics on the human energy field, and its impact on mental and physical health—the embodiment of the soul; a recognition of the importance of the quality of the environment and culture we live in to our physical and mental well-being; and a deep understanding of food security—we are what we eat. All these concepts will be taught in our primary and secondary education system so that young people can grow up expecting healthier outcomes and a sense of fulfilment to their lives. We will learn that by living naturally, we can experience more aliveness. This shift in thinking will lead to lower health care costs.

In the worldview of Humanity Awareness, physical intervention and drugs will become the medicine of last resort. Health practitioners will be trained in the psychology of ego-soul dynamics and the care of the soul.

At our core we are energetic beings, not physical beings. Consequently, all our health disorders, mental and physical, reflect the energetic misalignment between our ego and our soul, particularly the misalignments that occur in the early years of our lives—before we reach adulthood.

Every stage of psychological development is associated with a chakra in our energy field. Thus, when we fail to master a stage of development, the chakras in the part of our body associated with that stage of development become overactive or underactive, providing too much or too little life-enhancing energy. It is this imbalance leads to a lack of ego-soul alignment and mental and physical disorders.

To achieve optimum levels of mental health and physical well-being we must learn to master or release the fears we learned during the ego stages of our development about satisfying our survival, safety and security needs. If we fail to release these fears, we will find it difficult to master the soul stages of development and we will not experience optimum health and well-being in our later years.

If you were able to get your survival, safety and security needs met during your childhood and teenage years, and you learned to be become fully responsible and accountable for your life in your twenties—at the individuating stage of development, you stand a good chance of activating your soul awareness during the last three stages of psychological development and thereby experience optimum health and well-being in the second half of your life.

The keys to leading a long and healthy life are: a) to fully express your soul’s gifts and talents so you can find meaning and purpose in your life; b) to connect with others in unconditional loving relationships so you can make a difference, and c) to find ways to contribute to the well-being of humanity and the planet. Ultimately, it is all about love: feeling loved and loving others. That is the path we must tread if we want to live in soul awareness.

The links between the stages of psychological development and specific physiological disorders are show in the Table below.

Physiological disorders associated with each stage of psychological development.

These linkages between the stages of psychological development, the chakras and physiological and psychological disorders are explained more fully in A New Psychology of Human Well-Being: An Exploration of the Influence of Ego-Soul Dynamics on Mental and Physical Health. The precise nature of these linkages between the stages of psychological development and the physical body is still a work in progress and needs more research.



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