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The fundamental purpose of justice has always been to protect the internal stability of a society by punishing and preventing actions that could destabilize the dominant worldview of the society.

In the worldview of Tribe Awareness, justice is focused on protecting the harmony of the tribe. Because people’s “spirits” are considered important, punishment by death is not an option. Instead, wrongdoers must make appropriate reparations to the victim. The most severe punishment is banishment from the tribe. For people living in Tribe Awareness, this equates to death.

In the worldview of State Awareness, justice is focused on protecting the power of the elites. Severe punishments act as a fear-based deterrent for stabilizing the power of the ruling aristocracy. Torture as a means of getting to the truth is considered acceptable. Instantaneous punishment by death and physical maiming are common practice in this worldview.

In the worldview of Nation Awareness, justice is focused on moral righteousness. Courts are made up of religious or high-ranking state officials. This leaves the courts open to manipulation by the elites. In this worldview, the elites tend to get less severe punishments than the common man. The ultimate punishment in this worldview is the death penalty.

In the worldview of Wealth Awareness, justice is focused secular conformity. Justice is administered by independent courts and suitably qualified citizens who decide on the outcome of a trial. Punishment for serious crimes can include heavy fines and long periods of incarceration. There is no capital punishment in nations that live from the worldview of World Awareness.

In the worldview of People Awareness, justice is focused on equality and fairness. Justice is administered by independent courts and suitably qualified citizens who decide on the outcome of a trial. Punishments involve fines and incarceration. However, in the worldview of People Awareness a strong emphasis is placed on rehabilitation so that wrongdoers can reintegrate into society and recidivism is reduced.

The values that are considered important in maintaining the internal stability of nations operating from Humanity Awareness are harmony and trust. Harmony and trust create internal stability and guarantee the smooth functioning of civil and commercial affairs. However, for harmony and trust to be present there must be personal integrity.

In Humanity Awareness, those who do not display the highest forms of personal integrity are sacked from public office and are ostracized from business and commercial affairs. The era of the unscrupulous elites, achievers and misogynists has come to an end. Their greed, self-interest and discrimination are no longer tolerated in a world that depends for its survival on everyone embracing the common good.

In Humanity Awareness, there is a recognition that people commit crimes because of the psychological conditioning they experienced during childhood. They became wrongdoers because they are attempting to get their unmet childhood survival, safety and security needs met. All those who commit crimes in the worldview of Humanity Awareness undergo a psychological evaluation and are helped and supported in their psychological rehabilitation.

In addition to personal integrity, a key component of justice in Humanity Awareness is intergenerational fairness. This requires a shift from a focus on the short-term, to a focus on the long-term. For this to happen the young must be given a voice in how we manage our nations. This is how we will create a sustainable future for humanity.

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