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The Arts

The Arts have always held a special place in society because they make public the inner workings our souls.  Leonard Cohen sings “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” In Humanity Awareness we sing, “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets out.”

Most of us do not let our light out, because we are afraid to be seen, we are afraid our “perfect offering” will not be enough; that it will be judged unworthy. So, we look and listen to the works of the courageous souls that have made their perfect offering, secretly hoping that through their inspiration we can access our own light within. But we fail, because we lack the courage to embrace our unique gifts and talents. We prioritize economic success over well-being. We prioritize status over self-expression. This is where the Arts can help. The Arts can be used to to mirror our inadequacies and inspire us to become more fully who we are; to access our gifts and talents and make them public. Most importantly, the Arts can be used to tell inspiriting stories about how Humanity Awareness is creating a better world fore everyone.

The Arts holds the key to the flourishing of Humanity Awareness, because Humanity Awareness corresponds to the fifth stage of personal development—self-actualization—the stage of development where we learn to access our soul’s full expression. This is the domain of the Arts—expressing our unique gifts and talents in service to the growth and well-being of humanity.

At the core of self-expression lies creativity. In the worldview of Wealth Awareness our kids had their creativity programmed out of them. Their education and the parenting they received prepared them for just one thing—the world of Homo economicus. In the worldview of People Awareness our kids are being taught to access their deeply held values—the values that unite, rather than the beliefs that separate. In the worldview of Humanity Awareness, our kids are being taught to connect with their souls by exploring their innate self-expression and creativity throughout their schooling.

Almost every aspect of Humanity Awareness—education, business, leadership, health—is geared up to support human individuation and self-actualization. In Humanity Awareness, the Arts become a powerful developmental force for the evolution of human consciousness.


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